Really exciting! .. our partnership with Californian-based TerraEndeavors is now in the running for entry and invites to the DEMO & VC4Africa Launchpad in Nairobi next month.


VC4Africa are a peer to peer network connecting entrepreneurs and our powerful ideas with the info and capital we need to effect change. AVIF first registered the Uhundha environmental project on the site 3 months ago and Ben White, Founder member, just buzzed us to get into action and update the venture profile for potential application to the Launchpad event 24-26 October !!

As well as founding VC4Africa in 2008 with Bill Zimmerman, ex Microsoft engineer, Ben developed the East Africa ICT Entrepreneurship program at Hivos, which invested in projects like Ushahidi and Nairobi’s massively successful iHub

Being on the V4Africa pool is a great advantage though its still up to us, of course, to garner investor interest and secure an investor but VC4A assist with fixing term sheets and publicising registered intentions to close the financing round. VC4A then charge a 1.5% fee from us and 1.5% from the investor in a “Pay it Forward” model allowing them to support new generations of entrepreneurs. 

Fingers crossed for Uhundha and the community that we’re all successful and get to pilot a “a first-of-its-kind green-technology business that works in collaboration with the community to provide clean-burning cooking fuel, fresh drinking water, renewable electricity, Spirulina-based nutritional supplements, high-protein animal feed, organic fertilizer and dozens of employment opportunities while reducing the carbon footprint by over 10,000 tons of CO2 per year.”