At this awful time I’ve already gone through a range of emotions and am now only left with a sense of pride for those in Nairobi but also for all of our volunteers and the people I’ve met over the years connected to Kenya. Knowing the struggles that Kenya has fought through on its own, way before social media, before 9/11, before people truly started to understand what religious fanatics were .. knowing just some of the battles they survived I’m just so proud to see more of the strength and pride of a country I have long had a respect and love for.

We have two young volunteers who were about to come over to help before the terrorists targeted Westgate Mall in Nairobi yesterday lunchtime. They were due to travel over and experience another culture and assist in spreading awareness of what we do – which is really to get more people to visit to experience another culture and assist in spreading awareness of … its VIRAL. Just like the positive unity that these moronic al-shabaab / al-quaeda idiots just don’t get. They think they’re spreading terror and fear but it manifests into something much more powerful.

The terror quickly dissipates and the voids caused by loss are quickly filled by strength and courage, pride, unity and understanding.

How many years are going to pass?

How long will it take for these al-whatever plebs to evolve if only just enough to realise that they will never win? They are like children throwing tantrems. But. With AK-47s and grenades.

Aesops fable of the north wind and the sun should be part of their teachings. You need to know that the harder you blow @HSM_PressOffice the tighter we hold our cloak round us but when the sun shines warmly we gladly open our arms .. and the sun shines a lot in Kenya! 

Right now there is great hardship and suffering and people are still trapped by the crazed, mindless militants, the same militants that honestly believe they are fighting to avenge the deaths of their own people, people who have flocked to Kenya for safety, people currently living in squalor and fear in refugee camps just to get away from the militants, people who are growing to hate the militants as they realise that they only stand for power, greed and stupidity. Stupidity and mass-delusion that any belief of any religion would ever ask them to kill an innocent child. Al-shabaab started losing a long time ago. ‘Jihad‘ is about as useful as the death of Christ, which is a lesson, only. I refer to the words of David Eagleman, neuroscientist at Baylor University, Texas :

“.. the holy books were written millenia ago by people who never had the opportunity to know about DNA, other galaxies, electricity, other cultures … we know too little to commit to strict atheism and too much to commit to any religion.”

It takes a special kind of person to walk up to an innocent man and shoot him point blank, then turn around and randomly shoot people and children for going shopping on a Saturday lunchtime. It take a special kind of bitch to kill a pregnant women and child because you believe its just, jihad. It takes a special kind of organisation to live-tweet a massacre and it takes a special kind of idiot to still do the same. old. thing. even after the rest of us have listened and learnt from our mistakes, evolved so much higher that we literally make a movie mocking the “special” ones. If you haven’t seen the satirical Four Lions go rent it or buy it now, in honour of those that just lost their lives. 

We only need to continue to love our children and educate them in Peace Love and Unity, to help those who’ve suffered and promote a better world, because soon enough the militants will become extinct. Natural selection favours the strong and the brave and al-shabaab are neither. Israeli Special Forces united with the KDF also help!

I want to take this opportunity to thank all our volunteers for everything they’ve ever done for others, for everything they continue to do and for everything they’ve endured too; malaria, typhoid, theft, tears, heartache – things that only make us stronger and appreciate the good, honest, kind, caring souls that make up the vast majority of this world. And Kenya. I want to thank them because despite everything they are still travelling over, still opening their hearts and minds to new experiences, learning more, realising more and enriching their lives.

To all those lost in this tragedy, in every tragedy:

To live in the hearts of others is to never die“.

I can only leave you with this humbling extract from my hero, Carl Sagan, from his book “The Pale Blue Dot” and the image itself taken of planet Earth in 1990 by the Voyager 1 spaceprobe looking back on us from approximately 6 billion kilometers away, sent for discovery, for adventure, for knowledge.


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Message to Anupma “get well soon”, and to Robyn F on your first visit “so proud of your courage”