WebHealer have been impressed by the commitment of those both volunteering and organising the activities of AVIF over the best part of 10 years. Since 2006, Able Volunteers International Fund has introduced almost 100 volunteers to social enterprises and charities, primarily in Kenya but also in other countries. AVIF’s mission is to aid vulnerable children, their communities and their families, through sustainable development. 

An example of the work that volunteers carry out is the support they have given to the Sadili Oval Sports Academy over a number of years. The word “Sadili” comes from the Kiswahili for “well-being”, and the Academy literally evolved from a swamp that turned into a dumpsite near the Kibera slums, into which the sewage from 7 estates of 500 houses poured daily. A group of people looking for a way to promote education and steer children away from drugs and hooliganism, purchased the land and over a period of 7 years reclaimed it and developed it. By 1998, Sadili had evolved into a space (in fact the only space) for the children of Kibera and Langata to play sport, and learn life and leadership skills.

In 2012, Jess travelled with the assistance of AVIF from the UK to Sadili, to volunteer with the academy, then also helped to run sports classes as well as English classes. Sadili run full sports coaching and integration programmes so volunteers help with all that as well as chaperoning players to tournaments, organising local and national events. AVIF has a strong relationship with Sadili, which has a number of facilities, and has introduced a large number of volunteers.

This page shows some of the goodwill and messages of support offered by reflexologists who have visited AVIF’s website, on WebHealer’s encouragement.

February 11th, 2014 “AVIF is an independent ‘on line charity’ which sends volunteers to Kenya, East Africa, and also provides education, clean water and food to children of these countries. I wish AVIF well and long may they continue to do this worthwhile work.”
Jan Conran – Reflexologist, Bowen therapist and healer based in Watton, Norfolk.  www.bowenreflexology.co.uk