This post comprises the words and work of 2 extraordinary people. Katalin is a long-term 7+ year volunteer of ours who first met David in Kenya in 2008. She has guided him ever since. I’ll let her explain:

.. “the ENORMOUS difference education can make. Just THIS alone, the creation of this video, is AMAZING! The boy I met in Uhundha had never even seen a computer, let alone understand the power of the internet or know how to type. A few years later (and a million miles on the road of persistence) he creates a video in order to be able to give others a similar experience he is having. Not ever having any kind of training in how to do all this, he researches it on the Internet and creates a video! THAT is mostly the power of willingness and motivation, but ultimately it is all education. The very first step for you to be able to apply for any kind of scholarship, your family had to ensure you remained in education and finished high school. To make that jump from high school to EARTH [David is now on Fellowship at the Earth Institute, Costa Rica], is all you. But any of the remarkable students of Uhundha would have a chance for a scholarship if they get to finish high school. Your project is GOLD”.

This is David’s startup and video

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Help a child succeed and to pass that favour forward.

[Photo from Earth University]