My good friend, Liz, runs the non-profit Sadili Oval Sports Academy, a safe haven on the edge of Kibera, Africa’s largest and poorest slum. Sadili is a Kiswahili term, meaning “well-being”. Liz’s blogpost is here and I’ve highlighted a few points. Several AVIF volunteers have spent time here and even our Brazilian hosts have visited. This is volunteer, Hannah’s Wishlist post from 2013.

Poverty is acute in Kibera.. “A study by Oxfam deduced that 37% of children in Kibera were excluded from the education system…73% of preventable illnesses in the Kibera slums are caused by poor hygiene practice. 

Sadili’s goal is to use sports to promote WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) activities amongst 2100 children aged 4 – 12 years in Kibera, to improve health, school attendance & performance, within three years (April 2016 to March 2019).

Tennis is the engagement tool, combining life skills such as: confidence building, communication, health & relationships & further training is then provided in leadership, so older children “can assume additional responsibilities such as caring for & mentoring other children, serving as positive role models for the children”. Empowerment sessions are also ran, in coordination with their Girl Power Clubs which teach girls sexual and reproductive health and survival tools.

Here’s a video on the project. 

If you can help, contact us, or go to the Sadili website and donate.