Today started out by reading through last weeks New Scientist magazine (I’m falling behind due to the new recruitment drive for volunteers).
I started reading about and his fab work in opening the internet up, but also how countries like China are dividing the internet more and more. His creation is just brilliant, an “online community of worldwide blogs”. Of course I immediately read some of the Kenyan / Tanzanian blogs and branched off (a very risky pastime for someone who works entirely online) to find this cool world music link .. click on any of the tracks “Listen” links and enjoy Brazilian/ African samba, Tanzanian/Maasai hip hip and vietnamese children singing on a street.
I’m writing this Blog style since as well as sending great music to all my friends I’ve also copied it to Blogger’s email link to post directly onto AVIF’s blog.
Fingers crossed my recent pleadings for help with this years Summers Volunteer Program to Global Voices at, One Laptop Per ChildNFWI, the FairTrade Foundation and many more, go answered.
Infact I’m going to try much harder to update the Blog more too by simply going through my SENT email box to list my daily activities.
Its late Winter in Nidderdale, its a global-warming style 9/10 Celcius and the sun is so bright that even the guinea pig and the rabbit are sunbathing in the front garden. I really should go outside and make full use of the wireless phenomena .. actually maybe I’ll just leave the internet for just half an hour and go play with my kids.