Just a note to mention the potential new projects and partnerships :
These projects require volunteers capable of understanding and creatively working with design principles and materials, teaching skills, and organising/problem-solving/leadership skills. In short, can you put a cooking pot in a plastic bag ?
For each project we will have field representatives on hand to help but all training material will be made available before and during workshops, and as part of Orientation.
1. Solar-Aid, London for provision of solar energy panels. Check out the videos on http://solar-aid.org/solar-videos/ which tell all about their work in Malawi. We’ll hopefully be distributing solar-electricity-generating kits and giving training to host communities. These kits can then be sold at local markets to generate sustainable income.
2. BogoLights / distributing solar-powered torches from www.sunnightsolar.com
3. Solar Cookers International (CA, USA). www.solarcooking.org 

The “CooKit” is basically a Slow Cooker. I’ve used a slow cooker for years, they’re incredible for retaining moisture, nutrients and flavour. 
BUT THIS ONE IS POWERED BY THE SUN ! which is, as we know, free. Solar cooking saves precious fuel that rural women sometimes walk up to 10km a day to find. The food cooks unattended while you do other things, the pots are easy to clean with no soot on the outside. They are perfect for pasteurizing milk and water, saving the lives of children.
Even better .. the CooKit can be made with about 1 or 2 US$s worth of materials and an hour or so of labour. Drawings and pictures are available here http://solarcooking.org/plans/Plans.pdf.
How incredibly simple and brilliant !
Putting these 3 items together, just think of how much less wood smoke will be in the lungs of the children and rural community.
We can make a difference in just one volunteer programme.
Please take part with AVIF