Alexia (a volunteer),
Imani Agape is not a tourist venue. You will have to wash in the river, and be careful not to contract malaria ! The children are orphans amd most have suffered abuse of some form. However they are lucky as they do have support from a US church and mission, who have funded their school fees, clothing and built a new building. Imani Agape are now at a stage where they can help AVIF in a logistical way as well as being a fantastic experience for volunteers.
….(part removed for confidentiality) Greed is an unfortunate consequence of success and sometimes clothing and donations to children are sold on for other means. The fact remains that the children are still in need of our non-financial support.
Giving a poor child money will not help them in life.
We do not support Imani Agape financially, in fact we only ever pay them for their logistical support e.g. driving / hiring a minibus. Job Manenga is a very trustworthy young man and will go far out of his way to make you comfortable. Money is a different matter but when asked Job will help with anything we need. I value the work he has done for us.
Do not get too focused on the dark side of Africa (e.g. The Constant Gardener movie). There is corruption all over Kenya, and Africa. We should be thankful that there are areas in Kenya we can actually travel without fear of being robbed, mugged or killed. Darfur is not so far away !! Security is a serious issue which is high in our priorities, and Imani Agape is a good introduction. From there you can go to stay at the JNMCC, Jehovah Nissi Mercy Childrens Centre in Maseno. Mercy home, ran by Deborah and Edward, and also supported by a US church group are in more need than Imani Agape. ……….(part removed for confidentiality) 
Imani does not have computers or grid electric by the way, Pastor Liston lives nearer to Kisii and has such things, probably because of his salary from Directing the home, but he has worked very hard over the years on behalf of the children, and his wife, and son, Job. He is, however, paid a pittance compared with some larger “aid” organisation salaries. Corporate costs is not something I want AVIF to be covering, I would rather money go directly on sustainable projects.
AVIF seeks to keep everything in perspective, and does not simply handout money !
However, be assured we are not blind ! and are currently actively involved in removing a proven corrupt Director from an orphanage in Nakuru, so as to ensure the safety of the children housed there. I do not believe, however, this is something you need to be involved in.
Kindest regards