This is Mike Mwaniki Njogu & his wife, Ann, in their cyber cafe in Njoro, Kenya.

I spoke with Mike, a friend, today (16:00 GMT) on Skype. He was desperately telling me his brother had just been shot with a bow & arrow in violent fighting caused by the corruption in the recent Kenyan elections.

Kenya is (was??) a shining example of how to develop a country but political corruption is ruining everything and killing people.

As far as I know Mike’s brother is still fighting for his life but he then told me that his parents home had been burnt to the ground in tribal violence.

How is this going to change the country ?
Why are people so fired up ?
I couldn’t ask Michael anything further as he had to run there was screaming outside the cyber cafe and they had to leave, he is fearful for the safety of his family and friends.

Mike & Ann also sell traditional Kenyan crafts and with the help of Keith McGuinness, AVIF are hoping to start selling online via eBay & MissionFish on their behalf. His family & friends all make the goods.

We hope people can be calm during a re-election or at least a re-count (with all delayed results included). We hope this will help towards a peaceful resolution. There has been too much blood already spilt, too many shops & markets empty and too many people going scared & hungry.

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