Mama Mikes provides a solution to the problem of sending help to Kenyans. Through their website customers can order vouchers
for prominent Kenyan supermarkets such as Nakumatt, and Uchumi, buy
cellular airtime, pay electricity bills or school fees,
give culturally relevant gifts for special occasions such as a goat, or
even buy cakes, flowers, and jewellery, among many other items and
services which are constantly being updated.

I wanted to promote the wonderful job that MamaMikes are doing but the crisis in Kenya has meant that they are currently totally swamped. They have a 48 hour backlog of airtime top-ups but are working on clearing this right now.

Its a wonderful service which we’ll be recommending to all. Reality is that they literally deliver goods by hand so need a more efficient network which we’re hoping to help with, as well as an increase in market ~ an increase in profit ~ allowing them to invest in more staff .. and so the wheel turns.

Please pass this on.
Online airtime Kikwe is currently offline but they are working on it right now.

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