I hate Zoe !
(only joking, girlfriennnnnd šŸ˜‰
I sit here with my laptop and she reminds me how unfit I am, or is it uncommitted? Both her and James M are booked into the Edinburgh Marathon now. Actually I did do the Berlin Marathon in 1999, completed it in 2:53, but I was on inline skates pushing my baby son in a souped up pram šŸ˜‰

Our dashing duo have entered for the Edinburgh marathon, June 2009. They’d tried to enter the ballot for the Flora London Marathon (FLM) but it had already closed. In fact the majority of entries to FLM are unsuccessful due to its popularity so many look for charity places in order to ensure their spot on race day. For a mere Ā£6,000 ?? AVIF could have a banner rotating throughout the official FLM blogs and forums as well as 3 places in the marathon, but unfortunately we don’t have an advertising budget.

[If you DO have that kind of money to spend, please contact Paul @ realbuzz.com +44 20 7202 7986]

P.S. Zoe and James entries to the Edinburgh Marathon were a bargain at just Ā£39!! JustGiving give them 3 months free fundraising too. Zoe says she’s “managed to run for an hour, Iā€™m aiming for 4hrs 30 mins so just need to add 3.30 to it!! :)”

Zoe (on left) with the AVIF team, Summer 2007, Maseno, Western Kenya

Best Wishes and Big Kudos x

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