Thank you to Dr Brady Hurst for video-blogging this for us. Its self explanatory is the sense that “in a controlled environment” the product works.

Brady Hurst can offer sound advice in the use of this product, wherever you are on the planet, via his Telehealth services using Skype and video conferencing or plain old telephone.

Good medical advocacy is what is needed for this product. Thanks also to New Scientist magazine’s Special Edition on cancer. The Editorial especially slates the current billion dollar drug trialling system saying that people are suffering through costly, ineffective trials for costly drugs .. the UK’s NHS did a deal last year with Janssen-Cilag, insisting on paying only for patients who had success using J-C’s new myeloma drug, Velcade, after it failed the UK governments NICE new cost-effectiveness test. The drug was found to cost more than £30,000 per quality patient life year !!!!!

ClO2, chlorine dioxide, or its marketing name “MMS” is available in kits costing £40 that last around 8 months using standard protocol. I’ll do the maths for you .. thats £5 a month, or approximately £26 “per quality patient life year”.

These kits contain the compound in a dropper bottle, a citric acid solution needed to activate the ClO2, with dropper/ measuring spoon, instructions & even a 3 minute timer to allow the compound time to activate. Dr Brady Hurst is not an advocate of self-medication but there is a reality that has to be understood. People won’t always go to a doctors surgery! Speak with Dr. Brady for advice (consultation fees beyond an initial free chat) or just follow the instructions given by Jim Humble, for free.

The health industry refuse to listen so Jim’s current project is to eradicate malaria from Malawi, then maybe they’ll take notice (except that there still isn’t enough profit to warrant clinical trials investment) …. so in the meantime I’d like to help Kenya get a piece of the healthy pie alongside earning the income generated from cheaply selling the kits. Everyone’s a winner !

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