Here’s a great idea .. treat malaria & greatly reduce the chance of catching it again by giving people a simple way of pasteurizing their water supply, freely & easily. We’d need a massive network of people all over the world, in all the crisis points, in all the worst hit areas .. already have this, in operation. I’ve asked Solarcooking if they’ll join forces.

Of course we’ve first got to answer the scary question “what if Clo2 (MMS) hurts us?”

We are 90% water.
I swim 3-4km/week in a local pool for exercise while my children play in the water .. Clo2 is used to sanitize that water. Chlorine dioxide (Clo2) is used because low concentrations kill bacteria, viruses and protozoa. Clo2 is used to disinfect our water supplies and exists in certain mouth washes to clear oral bacteria. Clo2 sanitizes food preparation facilities and is FDA approved as a spray in the meat packing industry to sanitize meat.

Jim Humble simply can’t afford the $$$millions to get FDA approval for internal biological usage although its used to sanitize vegetables and other foods, farmers use it to cleanse the udders of cows during milking, to rid eggs of pathogenic bacteria & it was widely used during the Foot and Mouth & the HN5 Bird Flu pandemics.

We’ve all had flu or a common cold. Clo2, or its marketing name, MMS, has been proven .. PROOOOOOVEN .. to kill the virus causing flu & colds. It will kill any other bacteria, virus or protozoa. Like other products widely available, however, it can’t stop you catching a cold, or getting cancer .. you’d have to live in an oxygen tank to do that! Suffering from the flu again and again every 2 to 3 days is what malaria feels like, except the body doesn’t get much chance to recover, the immune system is overwhelmed and it can kill you. The World Health Organisation states that 300 to 500 MILLLLLLION clinical cases of malaria are reported each year simply due to patients being too poor to have clean water. 2,800 children under 5 die from malaria EVERY DAY in sub saharan Africa?

As Dr Hesselink’s paper reads “Clo2 has been proven to be cidal to almost all known infectious agents in vitro using remarkably low concentrations. .. this compound is tolerable orally at effective concentrations”. Dr Brady Hurst, a qualified clinical neurologist talks openly in an earlier blog.

Looking at it from another perspective, possibly the reason this product is so successful in Africa, is because the africans don’t primarily think to sue Mr Humble if they get nauseous! They just want to get well. Too many “westerners” are just too scared to believe the truth these days for fear of being scammed or hurt. Too many western doctors are too scared to approve MMS for fear of being sued by a patient, which is interesting when you remember it was the FDA that said Phalidimide and Vioxx were safe?

Perhaps you’re getting bored by now, or haven’t time to read on anymore because you’ve another 147 emails to get through or blogs to write. Our lives are too busy, too stressful, yadda yadda yadda 😉

….. If you’re still reading & can stomach it, read some of the text documented after 100’s & 100’s of hours of scientific and lab based research that explains how and why Clo2 works internally at low doses and why nausea is a side effect. What happens to your body when you get food poisoning or drink way too much alcohol? You uncontrollably throw up, eventually get diarrhoea and are forced to detox. Your body will automatically cleanse itself .. the human immune system is f’ing amazing, but in todays world we’re bombarding it with way too much, not getting enough natural nutrients, etc. etc. so we just can’t cope .. and people are dying, in developed countries, by the thousands, from cancer, while in developing countries they’re dying from cold viruses !! ..Cancer is not a disease, its the immune system being unable to cope anymore against the billions of pathogens that we have to share our planet with.

If you go out this weekend and get ridiculously drunk and spend the next day recovering, thats your immune system working overtime. It won’t kill you unless you’re doing it constantly and it can’t cope. Taken internally, intermittently and in low doses, MMS has been found to be a powerful immune stimulant.
Give your immune system a helping hand.
Better yet help AVIF create an income-generating business for the people who need it most, putting kits together, helping others & spreading the word. Contact us if you want more info.

N.B. Self medication can be harmful if you don’t carefully follow the advice given in the kits. Better yet .. get advice from a qualified practitioner first.

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