Externally, chlorine dioxide (Clo2) is totally safe at low concentrations .. its used in our water supplies. I would highly recommend people don’t inhale the gas given off when the chlorite is activated by the acid in an MMS kit as its an irritant much the same as our eyes go red if we swim under water in chlorine-treated public pools.

Jim Humble’s dosing is working because its NOT at almost-placebo concentrations. On the flip side, taking 400%RDA (recommended daily allowance) of this product, daily, isn’t a good idea either because the human body wasn’t designed for it. Note here, the problem entirely is that there isn’t an RDA (government health ministry recommended daily allowance).

Our immune system has to cope with a lot these days. Its interesting to point out here that all FDA-approved readily available (for around US$2 a day) anti-malarials cannot be taken long-term, Malarone, (great image !) a very popular brand, but not licensed for use longer than 28 days due to its toxicity and detrimental effects on our liver and kidneys (the bodies normal detoxification system).

I’m not the kind of girl who freaks out about cleanliness. If children today were allowed to play in the dirt like I was (mud pies, bug zoos) they wouldn’t be so allergic or prone to infections. If more mothers breastfed (while on a healthy diet) kids would be stronger too as they’d instantly have all your antibodies too .. but .. thats another debate!

We pick up bugs and viruses, our immune system sorts them out and prepares us for the next time we pick them up. Viruses ingeniusly evolve into different strains to attack us again, and we’ll fight them off again, so long as we’re healthy enough and our environment is clean enough. There are deadly viruses all over Africa but common sense (and our Volunteer Handbook) reminds our volunteers to sanitize the water they drink, clean their hands regularly with alcohol wipes, don’t let anything puncture your skin e.g. mosquito bites and be VERY careful sexually. People in poverty don’t have the luxury of information, education or even choice to some extent. They live in unsanitary conditions with dirty water and with societal pressures so immense that rape is commonplace!

Jim Humble discovered something that was so simple it was effective. Who cares who the idea belongs to or how much money chlorine dioxide can generate?? Folks like Bruce Crighton of BioSafe should concentrate more on confirming recommended daily allowances, than on intellectual property rights.

I’m currently working with Jim to set up small businesses supplying Clo2 kits to rural clinics around Kenya, with ALL information provided freely. All components of the kits can be sourced locally. The clinics will be responsible for monitoring, dosage etc. If you wish to get involved contact us.

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