Thinking of getting a new laptop?
Have you recently upgraded your laptop?

THE MERCY HOME FOUNDATION is starting an appeal to send old and
unwanted laptops to an orphanage in Western Kenya.
JNMCC Mercy Home is a girls orphanage in the village of Maseno, near Kisumu for children who have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS.
It is not a tourist area, the village people are very poor, with very few jobs but we recently enabled the home to be supplied with main grid electricity opening up a world of opportunities including enabling the girls to learn, from home, important skills for their future.
Leonidah, one of the Mercy Home girls, is about to finish school, but is going to complete a computer course before starting nursing college.

If you have recently bought a new laptop, or have an old one lying around, please contact us and put it to good use!
Contact us here or via the MercyHomeFoundation website

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