This organisation are amazing and I just met with their fabulous Northern UK person, Mary Wright. 44 containers of large unit medical equipment sent to 27 countries in 2008 alone !!!!!

A2HW volunteers clean, refurbish and pack medical equipment from their premises in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK ready for shipping to hospitals, laboratories and schools all over the world.

Checks are made in the UK to establish the recipients’ requirements and to gain assurance that the supplies will arrive at their intended destination.

No charge is made for any goods supplied. was put together after the CEO was leaving hospital after a heart attack and saw an xray machine out the back of a UK hospital. He asked the hospital if he could have the machines instead of the hospital having to pay tax on sending it to a landfill site!

A2HW now have numerous warehouses FULL of equipment from over 70 UK hospitals. They’re opening another warehouse near where I live to service the northern hospitals.

ArrowWeb Hospital will be our first choice of recipient but the incredible, online project management system NABUUR itself has many many other hospital projects. Pass the word.

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