Its been 6 months but we got there in the end and here’s the pictures of the TT Marshals’ medical boxes’ surplus arriving at the ArrowWeb Hospital in Nairobi.

There are many more photos here if you wish to view the gallery (need to join the project).

My thanks go to very versatile and knowledgable Bramuel Simiyu, we weren’t sure if the goods would get through customs at one point but Bram’s wonderful diplomacy won through. Thanks too to the funders for the NBO charges, and to everyone involved.

Congratulations also to those involved in the task to provide lab equipment. The Kitchen Table Charities Trust are enabling this which will then allow the hospital to be inspected for the next level of accreditation through NHIF which provides health insurance but also allows anyone to get medical treament. The hospital can begin accepting referrals from other medical centres too.

Brilliant news for everyone!

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