Simon Gardner and the 20+ strong group of cycle-maniacs are in Kenya, and tomorrow reach Sagana by Mt Kenya. As I write I am texting Edward, Pius and Norbert who are travelling (they are in Kisumu right now after the boys travelled from their schools, released by their Headmasters to make the trip east).

The Tour d’Afrique group blogged on Monday (authored by Alexandra Shanny) about the Highway to Hell !! This is the “Meltdown” section of the entire 7000km tour and apparently the group would give anything for a “steep paved road” after shouting and screaming at the Kenyan “unpaved lava rock that redefines the word bumpy..”. The Tour is on the ascent to the Mt Kenya section having “undergone some of the most drastic elevation changes as they cycle towards the halfway point of the tour“.

Tomorrow AVIF’s cyclist, Simon, and the group will meet Pius & Norbert from Yala district who are currently studying hard for another year of secondary education, funded by monies raised by Simon’s epic journey. Tour d’Afrique will be staying overnight at the Sagana campsite and have kindly offered to house and feed Pius & Norbert along with their guardian, Edward Wata, accompanying them on the 600km journey from their schools in Yala to the foothills of Mount Kenya.

I’m currently sending texts to Pius and Norbert trying to explain that its easy for me to help sat here with a computer .. but Simon and the full tour members are cycling 7000km down through the whole of Africa right now. The section from Ethiopia to Nairobi is the toughest. The boys will get chance to meet the group tomorrow, folks from around the world who are doing something most people on earth couldn’t ever manage.

I’ll write more tomorrow.

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