We’re all totally buzzing here over receiving an email from Leonidah Ayuma, one of the talented, gorgeous girls living at the Mercy Home in Maseno, Kenya, our main hosts.

Our fabulous 2007 volunteers who set up the Home’s Foundation have only just got over the shock of receiving our first “Report” from Edward Mbenda Buyengo, director and “father” at the home. The report finally puts us in touch with the other supporters of the home; Trinity Reformed United Church & Dr Rev Della Fahnestock of Pennsylvania, US. Della also runs the Alliance Education Fund providing scholarships to girls and women in developing countries.

2007 Volunteer Nick states “When i think about how much of my university degrees have been about accessing info from the internet, i honestly think that just having ACCESS to this information can make an absolutely massive different to education and knowledge-building in rural areas – its amazing.

Zoe reminds us all that “each one of the (Mercy Home girls) can hopefully use their amazing opportunities to energise and empower others in the community.

We’d all like to thank Marie so much for bringing a laptop, and taking the girls to the internet cafe.

Zoe describes “when we took Phanice and Rosebellah to use the internet last time we were there they were so amazed at all the things you could do on the internet, and they were super speedy typers – very impressive!

Leo’s letter reminded Nancy “how the Mercy Girls are actually so advanced socially (due to their communal living conditions) and also have such advanced “worldly” experiences … the outside influence, the self esteem/confidence one sees in them and … their influence on others in Kenya. What a group of girls!!!

I want to thank everyone involved, you’re all stars!

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