Sam & Beckee are now in Nairobi with Douglas, at Ingrids Education Centre

Sam has been in Kenya for a month already, assisting Tony at the RABUOR Self Help Group in western Kenya and will NOW spend some time in the Matopeni slum area before moving onto another project. The “oasis” that is Ingrid’s is in dire need of funds now as the land itself is a rental plot where they have put up 6 iron sheets/tin built classrooms, 1 office and small kitchen. The land has been offered for sale since the owner is struggling himself. If you can help secure the education centre’s future contact AVIF or Douglas.

Matopeni lies in the Nairobi Eastlands, 15km from the city centre and is home to over 35,000 residents. Women earn a living by making necklaces, basket-weaving or labouring in the nearby quarries. Necklaces can be bought from Ingrids or they can send them in bulk for you to sell on. They really are wonderful items.

Douglas and his team work hard to provide the best level of care for the children, to provide food, care and education. We look forward to more photos and updates from Beckee and Sam.

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