The volunteers have arrived in Nairobi and had their experience marred by corrupt police threatening to arrest one of them for smoking on the street. I’ve reported the incident to the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission but of course the officer didn’t give a name or badge number. Luckily, despite an initial attempt to take a Ksh20,000 fine???? then lowering it to Ksh5000, the volunteers in question talked them down to Ksh500 + a $5 note !

Its such a shame that this kind of thing happens because it ruins Kenya’s reputation but the Commission are working hard to reduce perhaps even remove the problem. You can report incidents to them anonymously through the Anonymous Whistleblower’s System on the Website or :

By Phone 020 2717468 (Nairobi)
041 – 2319081 / 2319082 (Mombasa)

Today orientation was pulled forward and Sharon spoke with everyone at the hostel before they all left early, some with liaisons, some for upcountry transport to their individual placements for the Summer. They have already made plans to meet up to catch up each other on life in rural Kenya. We’ll keep you updated as the adventures continue.