I’d like to thank 3 amazing girls for their efforts, big efforts!.. running the British 10K London Run 2009 and raising funds for our projects in Kenya.
We’ve already been able to contribute directly, today, to securing the land that the Ingrid Education Centre sits on in the Matopeni slum area of Nairobi where volunteers are currently helping out.

[Abby, Isabel, Frances & Zoe]

Zoe, Frances and Abby .. thank you so much.
If anyone wants to contribute you can visit the girls own fundraising (via Justgiving) pages by clicking on their names above.

Despite injuring herself training for a marathon, Zoe didn’t think the 10km run was enough so the following week she did the Anthony Maynard bike ride from Reading – it’s 190km but Zoe then decided that wasn’t enough to ride in one day and so ended up riding 215 kilometres. Wind, rain, punctures and all!

AVIF Volunteers rock!!

Deb & Alec from UK are settling into Yala, western Kenya, making itineraries and ensuring they put their skills to good use. Beckee and Sam from UK continue to do amazing things at Ingrids and Laurence, Christina & Amy (from UK, US & CANADA) are settled into Nakuru as I’ve just read on Facebook!!! We eagerly await more updates and photos.
Asante Sana Everyone x
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