Volunteers assisting LLK, based in the slums of Nakuru, went to visit a very special young man yesterday. George is 6 years old and autistic. He also suffers from cerebral palsy and cannot walk by himself, or feed himself.

On sight he is ostracized like most disabled children in Kenya but his parents refuse to hide him away as others may. They love him dearly. The brutal truth, however, is that their low wages cannot cover the costs of the private care he needs.

AVIF volunteers Laurence, Amy & Christina spent some time with George and the children and carers of the Star Special School in Nairobi, learning about the harsh realities encountered by, but also sharing smiles with, some of Kenya’s disabled children and the carers at Star.

Laurence, Amy & Christina travel to Mombasa today and will be raising awareness and possibility for sponsors for some of the children. If you can help contact us for further information.

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