Chris Asthon extravagantly dives over the line for England's first try against Wales

I’m still buzzing from Englands amazing opening game against Wales last night in the RBS 6 Nations; winning 26:19Still wondering which RBS person thought it would be a good idea to paint the RBS logo onto the grass and cover all the players in blue paint but thats another story. As always “sport” shows its a powerful force for bringing people together, regardless of patriotic feelings. You can watch the live matches here e.g. ITALY – IRELAND from Rome.

Football is not my favourite game but I am well aware of its power too, all around the world and in Kenya, especially. Even in the rural north western villages of Khalaba and Shibanze where volunteers Stacey and Rachel are currently living, the game plays a vital role in keeping spirits up and kids active. If you can’t buy a football, you can still make one!

Most kids use an 'african football', which basically consists of foam from old cushions or paper, wrapped in old plastic bags and tied with twine.

My good friend, Imbuhira, passed on her friends organisation, the wonderful Maliza Umasikini which promotes Empowerment For All through sports (name translation: Poverty Eradication). Their programs and activities “develop lasting practical solutions to improve the general well-being of the nation..”

I’ve linked them with Michael Nam’s football academy in and around Naivasha, who also recently linked with the Chapeltown Youth Development Centre down the road in Leeds, UK.  I’ve also asked for collaboration with a large sports consultancy firm based in Nairobi linked strongly with Ubabalo, who promote Sport as having the “POWER to change lives, bridge cultures and transform communities. There are many other organisations that need to collaborate to harness sports power for change, especially; Walter Machio’s Michezo Afrika and the Nairobi Junior League and Mashariki Afrika Sports Leadership School. Australia’s Little Sports Organisation, headed by Mike Flynn and 50 others, is now not so little, “bursting with child attendances of 12,000 children per week!”

If you wish to help with any of these projects please just email