I just got news via Facebook from Justin Sekiguchi of Up with Hope of the successful negotiations they’ve made with the Staken Recycling Company in Nairobi. Staken, a kenyan company, are actually collecting Justin’s teams’ hard-laboured collections of discarded plastics and turning them into coat hangers.

This is particularly brilliant for us because we’re trying to complete a business plan along with Leo, ex-head girl of the Mercy Home in Maseno, soon-to-be graduate of MMUST (Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology). The Business in Development Network has been running the Women in Business Challenge for many years now and we know this is a viable opportunity both for success in the Challenge but also as a business; environmentally and economically.

As Justin states in his blog, their success with Staken “proves that people with money to invest are finding Recycling to be a worthwhile endeavor.” Here’s a brilliant video by Staken explaining the process :

If you’d like to get involved with this project in the west of Kenya please get in touch; helping online, from the comfort of your home is all we need. Email Volunteer@AVIF.org.uk