What do you get when you stick volunteers into a Kenyan community school project ….. Family Fun Day !!!!
I won’t reiterate Stacey’s own words but a few key words for you :
Well project, HUGE success, prepared poems, baby class singing their ABC’s , frog jump race, wheelbarrow race …. and the inevitable Teachers race = Volunteering with AVIF.
This was all organised by the volunteers to fund the essential well repair bringing water to the school …. and it was a health & safety comic strip!! Picture a Kenyan guy climbing down a rope to the bottom of a well with his friend at the top lifting up buckets of dirt  – then bring in trowels and cement, sand, wire mesh, welding tools and best of all haggling!!
Next term the volunteers will be working on a school hygiene program; hand washing and teeth brushing skills!
Oli, from UK (currently in Arusha, Tanzania) is joining the girls next week but unfortunately will have missed scribbling names into the fresh concrete. Stacey and Rachel should be proud of their achievement, especially in the sustainable way they’ve assisted the community in helping themselves. By involving the community this gives them huge empowerment and sense of ownership for the well, essential for future maintenance, which they will have to take responsibility for.
Congratulations girls xxx