Sabrina, Juli and Maria have been hard at work in Eshibanze, NW Kenya, at the Canadian-born Tumaini Centre.


Joined now by Canadians Ainslee and Danielle, the Health and Hygiene Program was re-started just yesterday. It instructs the children (and adults) in simple methods of washing hands before meals and after using the washrooms. Using soap, water basins and jugs sponsored from school fees, brushing teeth every morning before arriving at class is now mandatory. Toothpaste was sponsored by the volunteers; Stacey, Maria, Ainslee, Danielle (all from Canada) and Juli & Sabrina from Germany. About 100 toothbrushes and a basic first Aid Kit have also been provided through corporate sponsorship.

Naming toothbrushes

The volunteers are also ensuring the kids have access to drinking water in the classroom to ensure they drink enough during the day (water canisters were sponsored by the volunteers, and will be filled up by the groundsman regularly.

Health & Hygiene programme

The girls have been very busy organising administration and pulling together the Community into a fully established CBO and we’re all very excited about the new program at Tumaini. The children too !!

Asante sana for all our volunteers’ efforts and to Juli and Sabrina for the fabulous photos xx

Tumaini children