Its so hard to know where to begin with this place. Belem & the islands of Brazil are intense, passionate, humble, beautiful, powerful ……. Its a place everyone needs to visit. With so many incredible experiences I have to remember the focus of this visit – to gain intel and links for our volunteers to come over and assist the valuable work that AmazonArt is doing here. The future of the Amazon and the communities that live here is integral to the survival and health of the planet. Everyone hears this – reads this and most people then switch over – watch a movie – worry about bills – go cook a meal.

Life always goes on.

But not for those┬ákilled by extreme weather – floods – drought – war because of lack of resources. Its all linked to the Amazon. This place and the entire delta, not just Brazil, is the lungs of our planet. Without it we can’t breathe and there are a plethora of other consequences. Thats the horror – but people switch off to horror. What people love and enjoy are the pleasures in life – not material things – but real pleasures; music, song & dance.

Watching Fabricio, Junior, Aldair & Adgijel sitting still, in awe, at Diego playing Mozart yesterday was so inspiring.

dsc00192These are young men inspired by dance – street dance – inspired so much that they practice and practice and have become talented and skilled which increases their enjoyment and also for those watching them. These kids are practicing on a concrete floor with a plastic cover – no mat! They’re sharing ONE set of shock pads on one knee and one elbow. We can change this – we can provide protective gear – a cool outfit for shows – a rubber mat. You can watch their show – spread the video – get them seen and make people realise what music and dance can do to people.

There will no doubt be many more posts about this incredible place but please feel free to look through the photos on FaceBook and like the Page please. If you’re able to travel over and see for yourself, please get in touch and we can make arrangements for you. It WILL change your life x

alison e menina

Photo by Lou Guedes