The extensive State of the Worlds Volunteerism Report, 2011, is now out. The full report can be found here.


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Some favourite quotes are :

“Volunteering is an expression of the individual’s involvement in their community. Participation, trust, solidarity and reciprocity, grounded in a shared understanding and a sense of common obligations, are mutually reinforcing values at the heart of governance and good citizenship. Volunteering is our first line of defence against social atomisation in a globalising world. Today, maybe more than ever before, caring and sharing are a necessity, not a charitable act.” UNV (2000, November)

“Volunteering is a path to social inclusion signifying a reciprocal relationship in which both sides benefit.”

“At the level of the individual, volunteer action can help people to overcome feelings of personal isolation and reduced self-worth. Volunteers come into contact with others face-to-face or via online media that can help to enhance feelings of belonging and of contributing. Volunteerism reduces stresses in life and combats feelings of loneliness.”

“Volunteering can improve employability by enhancing a person’s vocational and social skills.”