The amazing Avis Mulhall has finally launched the incredible mmMule service.


Sign up & post some requests for your projects here for example:


  • deliveries needed around the world; clothing, food, books, technology, mosquito nets
  • help with finding volunteers


Avis has managed to partner with a number of travel blogs & had 1000+ signups from travellers already. A big delivery of 600 school uniforms was recently arranged all the way from Sydney to Namibia by the Mad Max 4 film crew [ video], then Oasis Overland brought it the rest of the way into Kenya!

“..don’t be afraid to put up even tricky deliveries, we’ll do our best to try and find a solution” Avis says.

We’ll certainly be posting and telling all our hosts about the service too, mainly due to the inclusive AngelMule service “delivering happiness”.


Sign up to post some requests for your projects here and join the revolution.