Its late here in UK – but not in New York or Cartagena, Columbia, or Belem, Brazil !

I’ve been discussing the upcoming Earth Summit which AmaZonArt will be attending, in Rio de Janeiro, bizarrely at the invitation of the Kenyan Government. Further to our African trip, links have now been forged with Columbian ThinkTank ICPS,; who are responsible for a tri-continental dialogue between the Philippines, Kenya and the South-South countries on the eve of the Rio+20 Earth Summit. Participants include Ali Mohamed, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources of Kenya, who we met last month.

ICPS┬┤s Executive Director, Viktor Sebek, joined as adviser to the delegation of Kenya and has now been in touch with AmaZonArt due to their shared love and use of music for cultural exchange and as a medium to create dialogue. AmaZonArt is now linking with these true ChangeMakers and as I just said to Diego, we definitely met with the Kenyan government at a perfect time.

The Rio+20 Summit is another attempt for planets leaders to meet and discuss the sharing of best practice, of information necessary to create sustainable development for all. AVIF has spent 6 years now, in Kenya, on the frontline, highlighting and being involved with many examples of valuable local solutions to the consequences of climate change. AmazonArt uses the power of music to create Change. Now I hope they can bring music to the Earth Summit and truly inspire the globe’s leaders. Previous attempts in Copenhagen and Cancun have failed to solidify attempts to act now on climate change but perhaps music can help bind people – perhaps children? REAL LIFE, outside of the boardroom? Music, at least, provides that link, that escape from the walls of offices and process. Music simply inspires.

We have sent details to Viktor Sebek regarding Nairobi’s which “changes the way information flows in the world”. They are a non-profit tech company that specializes in developing free and open source software for information collection, visualization and interactive mapping. Using the internet is paramount to success now as it makes the sharing of information so prolific. Kenya struggles with many issues but least of all communications. Its mobile network allows massive change with dissemination of information, of financial exchanges, of cultural progress through communication. It is helping shape Kenya into a country poised to skip the entire Industrial Revolution and go straight into clean energy provision. Crucially, the link between Brazil and Kenya is of course the rainforest and Kenya’s dramatic loss of their own with consequences to the water cycle. What Rio+20 and the side events will bring to the table will be very interesting indeed.