I’m sat in Abu Dhabi airport killing time the best way – being social. This trip has been incredible in so many ways but most importantly; socially. We’ve met with people from all walks of life – high-rollers, the elite, local officials, children and some of the poorest of Kenya. I’ve heard laughter and seen tears, shed tears even.

There’s work to be done in putting the video together by Ama Zon Art but also in preparing for Rio’s +20 Earth Summit next month. The Terra Endeavors project is now in the hands of the Technical Advisor for Climate Change of the Kenyan Government so fingers crossed we can get that one operational soon, if only to showcase it in Rio as an example of the balance necessary between material production and environmental preservation. The project is primarily Algae production which in turn produces clean-burning cooking fuel, fresh drinking water, renewable electricity, nutritional supplements, high-protein animal feed, organic fertilizer, 10+ employment ops and of course reduces the carbon footprint of each village, especially when training and solar cookers are also introduced; another innovative tool for easy, effective, efficient and completely clean means of cooking.
Solar lanterns can also be used by the fishermen, a tool found by Anupma last year during her volunteering term. Each “solution” provides empowering business opportunities for trainers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and manufacturers. Solar cooking also saves trees and supports reforestation of barren places, to help make our whole world greener and healthier. Like Brazil.
The pitch to Kenya was simple:
LONG TERM : To work together to share best practice for sustainable development sensitive to climate change
SHORT TERM : To integrate the public, private and third sectors and identify the results achieved.
Using Music to start the dialogue is crucial in a country where music and dance is so important. To most it is the only form of release, fun, entertainment and voice! We know it works – using music as a medium – otherwise I wouldn’t be sat here in transit en route home from Africa!
Lets hope the 2 countries can partner and make the links necessary.
Quick journal of the trip:
  • Meeting with the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry for Environment and Mineral Resources
  • Concert at the Alliance Francaise with guest Corinne Townett, Director of the Kenya Conservatoire of Music
  • Sliding down the muddy valley side to the outskirts of Kibera
  • Singing and dancing with the community of Uhundha in NW Kenya
  • Paddling and swimming in Lake Victoria
  • Hot water bottles in our beds on safari
  • Birthday cake cooked by maasai’s just for me

I would like to offer my sincerest thanks to Ama Zon Art for the opportunity to work with them in Kenya and I look forward to much more great work.