Today is the most important day of the year for Tibetans; Losar the start of the New Year 2140 “Tashi-de-leh!!”

On the first day of New Year, Tibetans get up very early, take a bath with starwater (water left out overnight to be “cleansed by starlight”). They wear new clothes and worship the gods in their households, offering them special foods known as torma.

Tibetans then visit monasteries and shrines to make offerings and all the family members gather together to have special New Year meals with Kapse (a cake) and a warm alcoholic drink called chang. Houses are decorated with flour paintings of the sun and the moon. Offerings are made to the moon for a happy and prosperous life. 

It is tradition that if you have important things to do then you must do them today. So Tashi sent us pictures of the children and hopes that they will have great result for this year.

Her students now total 74, most of them farmers and nomads. Tashi thanks our donors for their help which bought books, pens and supplies as well as cookies and food for Losar. They were treated with drinks of hot sweet tea to beat the cold. Weather in Nyemo over Winter is often bitterly cold winds and very dry. There is not so much celebration these days but quiet prayer and quality time spent with family.

Other news

  • Our long-term volunteers Nick & Charlie literally MOVED to Kenya last week to set up a project centre in Kisumu with a US organisation. They will be a port of call for all future AVIF volunteers, acting as liaisons and sharing their wide knowledge of Kenya.
  • I would also like to thank all donors for their support towards Amazonart’s project work in Brazil, raising over £500 in the last few weeks on Justgiving. Various concerts are being held in both London, UK and in Brazil with proceeds going to bring music and workshops to the riberinho communities around the islands. Further info on the website. Obrigado a todos vocês!