We’ve had a new development in our relationship with WebHealer, who recently gave their financial and technical support to AVIF.  WebHealer run websites for thousands of small businesses, and provide assistance to quite a few charities and social enterprises as well as AVIF. WebHealer have offered to raise awareness of AVIFs activities to their clients, so that they in turn may give us some exposure via their Facebook accounts and other social media.

They are planning to call the partnership “Friends of AVIF”, and to start spreading the word with clients in the first half of this year. It should be well received, as the majority of WebHealer’s clients are in therapeutic and caring sectors such as counselling and they have shown a lot of goodwill towards charitable activities in the past. Just this year over 150 WebHealer clients donated a proportion of their fees to Samaritans on February 1st, as part of a fund raising campaign called Feel Good Friday. WebHealer run a blog where they have gathered feedback from those who took part, and its very inspiring and heartening. I expect many of WebHealer’s clients will be supportive of the work we do at AVIF and the help we provide to those who can really benefit from it in Africa.

I’ll provide an update soon, when we have more information about the Friends of AVIF project.