Part of WebHealer’s support for AVIF is to help raise awareness of the good work they carry out, and this includes sharing their stories with WebHealer clients. A large section of WebHealer’s clients are counsellors, many of whom have been very supportive of other charitable activities with which WebHealer have been involved over the years – see Webhealer Blog. Many counsellors in fact already take a charitable approach to their work, often volunteering a proportion of their time for those less well off, or offer counselling at discounted rates to those out of work, or on low income.

This page shows some of the goodwill and messages of support which have been provided by counsellors who have visited AVIF’s website, on WebHealer’s encouragement.

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March 1st, 2013 “I would like to wish AVIF every success in 2013, promoting education in Kenya, and helping volunteers to get out there and work with children who need every bit of help they can get” Sophie Waterhouse – A Counsellor and Psychotherapist based in North London. Psychotherapy, Counselling and Expressive Arts Therapy.