… it was a dot!!! www206.wixdns.net. DOT!!!!!

Ahhh tech? And life? I lost several days of my life trying to setup CNAME records and A records and waiting for DNS changes to propogate through the networks …but … we’re all sorted now.

Thank you to Wix and to Easily‘s support staff. Thank you also to Microsoft and student life for bringing me all the way to my finals before my laptop, still running XP, starts to fail to play nice with Chrome and Inbox. Coughing fits with virtual memory thanks to AVG’s superduper antivirus is still causing crashes with Shockwave and ….arrrrggghhh! But.. I’m so lucky. I can upgrade my hardware in time for finishing exams and starting my research project on deep convolutional networks and machine learning. 

A long way from my laptop and Yorkshire and studying the ethernet, up in the real clouds, across the planet, are the summits of Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro, watching carefully over Kenya and Tanzania, from the roof of Africa. Back in 2014, someone stole everything from my friend Mumbi, an incredible lady. A woman who grew up in the foothills of Mount Kenya and scrabbled her way up the slopes all by herself to become Kenya’s first rated guide. This amazing diva has summited Kilimanjaro over 100 times. She can’t actually remember exactly how many times, not to mention the number of technical and trek routes she’s led up her own mountain with her brother and team. She has skill, determination and willpower beyond anyone I know, enough even to battle through losing everything.

We’re helping her rebuild, alongside, Wix, the brilliant Israeli tech firm, who have donated a free premium upgrade so that we can link a professional domain name to one of their fantastic HTML5 sites, optimized for mobile. The site and domain was also donated and is managed by Easily in UK. I’d like to thank them all for their generosity and assistance in helping to allow tech to rebuild at least one persons life. The pay-forward will be extreme, of course, because summiting a mountain is something no one ever forgets. Hundreds more people can now experience that sheer sense of achievement, beyond any other, in the heart of one of the most naturally epic places in the World. Take a look at the site to learn how.

Erokamano ahinya (“Thank you very much” in Mumbi’s Kenyan Luo tongue)
Please visit and pass it on to your friends. WWW.MUMBITREK.COM, maybe one day they’ll want to climb a mountain too.