Today the iHub celebrate their 5th Birthday. I wanted to write about this incredible place because many people think of Kenya, even Africa, as just lions, elephants and safaris. Indeed Angelina Jolie will soon be making that a monumental part of what Africa is, when she directs husband Brad Pitt as the revered conservationist Richard Leakey in a script by Forrest Gump’s Eric Roth. But Kenya is so so much more. I’ve known the country for over 20 years now and have many incredible memories and am proud of being a part of creating so many other people’s memories of the area close to where civilisation literally began. Out of Africa is not just an incredible film, it is a theory of the arrival of the human race. Where the first community began.

Skipping approximately 200,000 years brings us to 2010 when, a year after losing my Mother, I was granted the opportunity to visit all the community projects AVIF had been involved in since our inception in 2006. During that time I was able to visit the iHub and meet various people who were already benefiting from it, despite there barely being any chairs or even proper floors!

5 years on and its time to party. Founder Erik Hersman, himself a source of inspiration, writes much more eloquently on what the iHub is and how incredible its growth and impact have been, and continues to be. His article is here. Please read it. Enjoy it. Bringing tech to the forefront is one of Kenya’s strength, but that is only possible with the core element of Unity, part of the countries motto of Peace, Love and Unity. 

Even if you can’t make it to the party, please just realise the power of tech, in anyone’s life and join me in Congratulating the entire team and all those involved in the iHub Community. Happy 5TH Birthday!