Ecuador is an amazing country located on the Equator  at 0° in South America. It is known as “the middle of the world” with incredible biodiversity, from the Amazon region, the Andes, to the Galapagos Islands and much more. As an ex-Spaniard colony, and with an incredible cultural diversity which mixes with several ethnic, European and African cultures, Ecuador has a rich culture and history.

After the Earthquake in 2016, which devastated cities, many people are still struggling to reconstruct their lives. Since 1 year ago, our friends at AmazonArt have initiated an important musical project; The Ecuador Youth Orchestra which continues to change young people’s lives through music, and has offered several fundraising concerts to help affected regions.

Many young musical talents do not have opportunities for music careers in Ecuador.  The Ecuador Youth Orchestra is an important platform for those who want to learn music, gain experience with international teachers, expand knowledge & develop their talents. Based in Quito, the orchestra is formed by 22 young string players, aged 13 – 25. The group are fused by the desire to play quality classical music and the promotion of young talent from within many different cities of Ecuador. The orchestra does not have support from the government or other institutions, but has already given more than 24 concerts. It was the first youth orchestra to promote cultural exchange and concerts in the amazon region of Ecuador. It has also represented Ecuador in Habitat III. The group is building publicity and love for classical music and for the Country of Ecuador. The orchestra is directed by the Brazilian cellist Diego Carneiro, who was born in the Amazon region of Brazil and had the opportunity of studying in England, Switzerland and the US.

VIDEO: Diego conducting the youth orchestra.

This year the Orchestra was invited to represent Ecuador in an important International Music Festival: RioCello (Rio de Janeiro-Brazil) and to achieve this dream, we ask you to support their campaign “Help us to Fly”.  You can help via the Facebook Page or directly through AVIF by clicking here.

Muchas gracias!