I just wanted to write to Thank every single one of you who donated on the Justgiving site to help Samantha through her surgeries. That one site has raised over £3,200 so far, that will go towards the costs of her vital treatment. 

Update from Sam’s Dad is that she has had 2 major surgeries, highly unusual for them to be are carried out at the same time, but we now know why. The pain Sam has and is still suffering from is far greater than we could have imagined. For the first two days nothing touched the pain or the severe body cramps & the cocktail of medication seemed to only cause hallucinations, fear, paranoia …”it was extremely difficult and upsetting to watch a loved one go through this whilst being a bystander a feeling of helplessness would wash over you. ..the Dr’s finally introduced morphine intravenously, which although an improvement only gave relief for approx 30 minutes every 4 hours Samantha would sleep for around 10 minutes before waking up in severe pain again and having no recollection of where she was, just in tears wanting something for the pain”.

Sam’s father goes on to explain that “..on day 4 post op, meds are helping slightly more, Samantha has walked approximately 30 feet with support, [video here] sat in a chair and also in her wheelchair, the hallucinations have become less frequent and although still in immense pain in general seems a bit brighter. The journey ahead is going to be more difficult than we all imagined but slowly taking a day at a time Samantha will get there”. 

You can follow Sam’s recovery here, as she grows stronger. She posted 2 days ago explaining “I’m scared, lost, clueless and in pain beyond what I imagined (despite being warned this would be the case) Im so grateful family are here with me.” This is what social media is for!

Your support has helped pay for this treatment and her family being there. You can still help, via the site here. The UK government adds 25% on top of every donation by a UK tax payer because AVIF can reclaim the basic rate of tax on your gift.

Thank You All so much.
#SaveSamantha 🙏❤️