I first met Carla Ruaro at Nidderdale High School in 2006, where she had traveled to run a music workshop and concert with the Harrogate International Festival’s “Live Music Now”. My son took part, receiving tuition from The Trio Brazilian Ensemble, which also included violinist Felipe Karam from south Brazil and the renowned cellist from Pará, Diego Carneiro. After Harrogate, the Trio traveled for 6 years holding concerts and workshops on Brazilian and Amazon music.

Carla is now back on the Amazon – with a pianoon a boat – offering concerts to the communities and villages between Manaus and Santarém [click for Google Map]

The trip will begin in Belém do Pará, where I had the pleasure to visit in 2011. Carla will be capturing sights and sounds of the trip to include in compositions, along with holding interviews with composers, covering the history of the area and more for a documentary, to be released on DVD.

Composers Thiago and Albery Albuquerque will accompany Carla on the boat, performing up to 20 concerts on board.  The Albuquerque duo have studied music for 30 years and include birdsong and sounds of the Amazon and the forest in their compositions.

The piano will ultimately be donated to a community. Please support the initiative here on Indiegogo by purchasing the download or the full DVD. Larger donations will include a gift from the trip; handcrafted items from the Amazonian communities.