While UK is getting “weather-bombed” by storms, the drought affecting Kenya is now severe. I know because my maasai friends have asked for help.

Image by World Economic Forum

They are strong, so strong but they cannot make it rain! As a result, prices of food and fuel are also rising. Of everyone, the maasai are the most symbiotic with Earth but even they are losing cattle to the drought, their livelihood.

Climate change is real. The price of maize flour; unga has risen by over 30% & the women & children are first to receive less. One meal a day if they’re lucky.

Waterholes and rivers have dried up but we built a waterhole for Enkito. Now we need to fill it.

The govt promised to spend 6bn Kenyan shillings (£45m) on subsidising corn prices and waiving duties on milk and sugar, importing 450,000 tonnes of corn into the country & an additional 150,000 tonnes of sugar. Livestock Insurance Programmes offer a lifeline to pastoralists, enabling them to buy animal feed to keep their herd alive during drought but its not enough.

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Ashe oleng oleng.